Over two decades of knowledge & technical expertise, constantly improving our services to meet specific needs of our customers.

The most reliable property management company in the UAE

With offices in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman we cater to more than 100 building owners with over 7000 tenants, supported by 1100 passionate employees.

Our unique attribute is our pro-tenant perception. Most companies are too focused on profits and compromise tenant satisfaction. SBK ensures the tenant stays happy by providing qualified security, trained housekeeping & experienced technical staff. This gives us consistency.

The company spells good news all the way with a credible reputation in the market. The property management business of SBK is solely dependent on UAE/GCC landlords providing their valuable properties for good upkeep and financial security. SBK has secured trust and recognition over the years in managing their cash flow, allowing them to create further developments whilst ensuring their current projects are profitable and in good shape. SBK proudly boasts 100% positive referrals, a fact which stands testament to our focus on customer satisfaction.

Make a sustainable choice. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, choose SBK.